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Friday, March 2, 2007


WERGLE FLOMP Humor Poetry Contest
Here's a weird one, using (and abusing) the vanity presses.
Categories Accepted: Poetry
Deadline: April 1, 2007
Entry Fee: FREE
Prize: up to $1,359

The Blue Review
Categories Accepted: Articles about children's writing topics
Pay: $10-$25

Chick Lit Review
Categories Accepted: Chick Lit Short Stories
Max. word count: 2,500
Pay: $50

This and That

Big hug to Philip at Verizon who helped me get my email boxes working the way I wanted. It turns out my software was corrupted. Not only did he figure out the problem within seconds, he found a workaround to fix it and then set up my email boxes so they were more efficient than what the "official" instructions allowed. I love smart people!!

This weekend I will start the long arduous task of moving my newsletters and contacts over to their respective email boxes.

Thanks to all of you who gave me a mention. If you have a writing blog or website, be sure to let me know.

PS…pay no attention to any deleted remarks. That was me. For some reason my replies are printing in multiples when I okay comments in batch mode. -Live and learn.

Back-up the truck:
Greg bought me an external hard drive and then backed up all my work. It was easy for him to convince me this go around. One of my friends, a freelance graphic artist, just lost all his work in a crash. Most of it was unrecoverable. The poor guy was sick with grief. I understood completely. If you've ever suffered a computer crash, it’s like getting your guts torn out with a spoon.

For warm weather, come here:
A good many of my friends and family live north of the Mason-Dixon line and they are freezing their keesters off. What a rough winter we've had. I think (hope) ours is over. We've had mild temperatures up to the 80s here for the last few days. I'm going to take the chance and get the garden ready for planting this weekend.

To Mike who is now awaiting his contract for his story coming out in the anthology Strange Stories of Sand and Sea

And to Daw, who was named a Fellow at the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing.
Way to go, guys!