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Monday, March 12, 2007


Chelsea Award for Short Fiction
Award: $1000
Word Max: 7,500
Fee: $15
Fiction Deadline: June 15

Chelsea Award for Poetry
Award: $1000
Max: 4-6 poems, not to exceed 500 lines
Fee: $15
Poetry Deadline: December 15

The First Line
I thought this one was kind of fun.
Not a big award, but good for exercising your writing chops.
Every quarter they have a new first line and you have to write around it.
It can be fiction or nonfiction. 300-3000 words.

Women writers only (heh…cool)
They have poetry and a flash fiction contest as well as fiction and nonfiction needs.
UK publication

I think I've changed nearly everyone to the new email address. If I haven't contacted you, you can always reach me at the address listed under my Profile in this blog.

My email is not easily accessible from work, so my response times may be a little slower than before.

It's kind of scary moving everything over. I knew I had a lot of contacts--just didn't realize how many. Again, forgive me if I've missed you. If you haven't written me in a while you probably fell off my email list, so please feel free to write me again and I promise to put you on the e-rolodex.

Tomorrow: Outlines!