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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

About Blogs/Mini Movie Review

Had a killer sore throat yesterday and today. My cold is back but at least I don’t have to worry about tearing my stitches out. I’m still careful when I sneeze though. Doc says my innards are still fragile.

Yesterday I fixed Greg up with his own blog so he can chronicle his modifications to his Hayabusa. He is still trying to lure me to the dark side and get me to ride with him, but it’s a futile endeavor. It’s no secret I like to go fast, but there’s no sport (or fun) in being a passenger. And I don’t need a new hobby. I like my bones intact.

We talked a bit about why people have blogs. Blogs range from the technical to self-indulgent public diaries.

Oddly enough, while it seems everyone and his mother are blogging, I still get the best information from people who don’t blog at all. I’ve gotten contest information, markets, and great links from them.

The flip side to blogging is commentary. I feel badly that I don’t make a lot of comments on blogs. Greg even noticed it and mentioned it to me yesterday. Personally, I’m not comfortable commenting unless I have a question or something unique to add. On top of this, I’m almost always late in commenting at an appropriate time because I browse blogs only every few days. By the time I post, the blogger is on another thought.

If I have a legitimate comment, I usually email that person off list. This way we can get personal without putting our laundry out for public scrutiny. Recently, one of my friends put out a blurb she’d been working on. As usual, I missed it when she first posted it, so I emailed her. Well, our emails went back and forth as we tinkered on it. That would look pretty unruly on a blog (imo).

Greg’s blog is a totally different vehicle. He’s doing it as a record of sorts, cataloging the modifications on his bike. (I catalog it too, but my notes usually include the price tags for said modifications. ) He likes to include pictures too which is important for what he’s doing. The people who visit his blog are interested in stuff like that.

Most likely, he will talk about the dogs as well. Many people on his motorcycle forums are big animal lovers. So it’s all in keeping with what’s important for his particular audience.

I guess that’s the bottom line. It doesn’t matter whether you have twelve or twelve hundred people visit, as long as you write for the audience exclusive to your blog.

Mini Movie Review: Yesterday we rented The Prestige, with Michael Caine, Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. This was a very interesting movie about two rival magicians in 19th century England. It was a window into true obsession that kept us intrigued the whole way. I can't reveal much of the plot because it is so multi-layered that it will give away the twist. What I especially liked was the SF element that Nikola Tesla (played by David Bowie) introduced as part of the ultimate magic trick. The SF ploy was terribly thin on science logic but then this was a movie about magic.

The Prestige is a complex film told in a non linear fashion. If you get distracted for even a second, you can easily miss the clues. The characterization alone left us with some meaty discussion about the depth of obsession.

Tomorrow: Markets