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Friday, April 13, 2007

Building Websites, part 3

What goes on your website? Here’s a simple checklist.

• State your purpose
Kind of like a mission statement. You want to state definitively why the heck you’re putting up a website. Most people combine it with their welcome message.

• Have an easy to read site map
Each link should work.

• Content is critical
What are you offering that will bring people back on a regular basis?

Consider some of these options (in no particular order of importance).
- articles
- contests
- e-books
- newsletters
- resource links
- interviews
- games
- excerpts of your work
- freebies
- your bio
- your book signings or events
- links to all your books or products

• Contact info
This one’s not negotiable. Always make sure people can reach you.

Which reminds me…my old email server is gone. If you wrote me on the old email address and you haven’t gotten an answer from me---that’s why.

Happy Friday, the 13th, everyone!
I'm gonna go break a mirror.