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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Markets and Links

The Healing Project: Alcoholism Anthology
Pay: Up to $200
First person essays about your experience or a loved one's experience with alcoholism.

I have the perfect essay for this anthology but I’ve already subbed it elsewhere (yesterday!) so I’ll have to wait and see.

Woodwork Magazine
PAY: $35 - $75
Submit your original tip or technique, along with a photo, a sketch or a plan.

I always have trouble with magazines that ask for tips. You never know what truly is an original idea or one that’s been around a while. But this one is via email so if you have some woodworking tips it won’t cost you anything.


Behind the Name: This one looks useful. It gives you the etymology of names. The part I like the best is that you can go in and list what specific words you’re looking for in a name. Since I like to dabble in the psychology of words that’s kind of helpful to me.

Tomorrow: I’ve been thinking about giving design lessons. Let’s talk about website design tomorrow.