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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bad luck comes in 5's

I haven't been blogging much. And I haven't mentioned why for the most part. But I thought it might be helpful to me as a record of sorts, so I'm listing the bits of excitement I've had in the past five days.

Let's see:
Carpal tunnel: Turned out more serious than that. I've got strep throat again and the infection settled in the joints of my arm. The pain is excruciating--which is the main reason I try not to type. More drugs and therapy. Doc warned me it might require surgery depending on the damage left behind once we heal the infection.

Doc was alarmed that I had gotten strep for the fourth time. She asked me if I had dogs. Why, yes I do. She recommended I get them checked. Dogs are carriers of strep. They rarely get sick from it, but they do pass it on. --sigh. Another day off to cart them to the vet.

Bumper thumper: Again, it should've been minor. But the little old lady who hit us panicked and hit the gas instead of the brake, causing more damage than normal.

Emergency fence repair: The last storms severely weakened 10 feet of fencing. One good pounce from the Tankster and it would've come down. Greg to the rescue.

Internal bleeding: Ah, almost forgot about this one. Doc says I'll be okay, but it scared the bejeebers out of me at first. (I am trying to take it easy.)

And here's the icing on the cake: The ceiling in a spare bedroom came crashing down! The AC unit lives in the attic just above it and the drip pan that holds the condensation from the air conditioner rusted through. It's a room I don't go into much so I never noticed the ceiling getting saturated. It collapsed the night before Greg left me. He checked it out and told me what I needed to have done. Now I have to take more time off from work to meet with more repair people.

Oh yeah, and did I mention the electrical in the bathroom?

Somebody send me a four-leaf clover. Quick!


Maya Reynolds said...

Sweet Mercy, Maria! Which god did you torque?

Get some rest, take your meds and get those dogs checked. That's good info about the strep. I'd never heard it before. I do know that strep is the early stages of scarlet fever.

Thanks for the sweet comments. I appreciate them more than you can say.

Warm regards,


Maya Reynolds said...

You've been tagged. Go to my website ( for the rules.

I'm trying to spread the joy around :(



Anonymous said...

Oh my. That's terrible, Maria. It's like any one of those things would have been enough but when you put them all together, they just knock you flat.


Maria Zannini said...

I must've ticked someone off.
It can't last forever though. One of us will give in eventually.

Maria Zannini said...

Shoot! I can never get my replies to follow individual comments.

Thanks, Daw and Maya. I feel like one of those cartoon animals who gets flattened by a giant anvil.

The good news, those drugs have worked wonders for my arm. The bad news, they make me sick as the proverbial dog.

Maya, I'll blog my 8 random things for tomorrow's post. ---maybe

Margaret said...

Oh Maria, that's just not fair. I hope the bad karma rolls on its way pretty darn soon.

And really, wait for the strep to go away, and then try voice recognition. Even if it isn't the perfect solution, it's better than making your arms worse. At least you'll have an option when your arms flare.

Maria Zannini said...

Thanks, Margaret,
I will definitely try it soon. I was trying to find something cheaper, but you're the third person who's recommended Dragon.