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Friday, May 18, 2007


I've been giving my arm time to rest the last few days and in turn it's given me time to study my goals and see where I need to be.

Lately, it's been a regimented program of education, practice and submission. I am getting sound feedback from editors and a couple of agents so far, plus I've received some excellent advice from my mentors.

There's a glimmer of insight that is beginning to seep into my consciousness on what is necessary to take me to the next level. That's a mixed blessing because this is when I'm my most dangerous. LOL

It's that moment when I begin to assemble the future that I get impatient and want things to move faster. Fortunately, crone-dom has taught me to pace myself and not to run my goals like a racehorse on meth, regardless on how tempting it is.

Not that I still don't get that twinge of "come on!", but I know better. Things happen only when all the building blocks are in place, and not before.

One thing I did on Maya's advice was to join RWA. The organization has so many resources at their disposal that I would be a poor writer indeed if I couldn't utilize them to my benefit.

Maya always gives no-nonsense advice, and I am nothing if not practical, so I recognize good direction when I see it. By the way, anyone worth his salt should be reading Maya regularly. This author is going far. (Yes, I'm psychic. Take my word on it.)

Goals are only as good as the energy behind them.

That said, please stow your tray tables away and pull your seat backs to their straight and upright position. All thrusters are go, and I'm flying in hot. Let's see what the old girl has left.