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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Here I am waiting for the AC guy. I am so spoiled. Greg always fixes things for me. I don't like having to pay other people. And this bill is going to be a whopper. I look at it as doing my part in keeping the American economy strong. --groan

Let's do markets today…with a European flair.

Here's an interesting SF anthology from Interzone.

Mundane SF

Today there is no ---
• Faster than light travel
• Psi power
• Nanobot technology
• Extraterrestrial life
• Computer consciousness
• Materially profitable space travel
• Human immortality
• Brain downloading
• Teleportation
• Time travel
-- And maybe there never will be!

For one issue only, we are going to set aside all the noise and electric guitars and anything-goes-as-usual mentality associated with contemporary Science Fiction, and do it properly.

Word count : up to 5000 words
Deadline: 31 October 2007 or until filled
Please read guidelines carefully.

And yet another UK market.

This one really amused me though. Somewhere within its lengthy submission guidelines it asked that the submission package be smoke free. Now that's a first. But I completely understand. Nothing is more sickening than the smell of stale smoke. ---so be warned if you decide to submit there. Don't smoke around your manuscript.


We’re always searching for authors with style, imagination and flair, who can write a crime novel that packs a punch and keeps readers teetering on the edge of the chair right to the final page.

Our main goals are to encourage and develop new crime writing talent. We set out to introduce new crime writers to the UK market. Our list includes previously unpublished novelists, and established authors who wanted to switch to crime. And to provide a platform for writers who want to expand the boundaries of the genre. We encourage our authors to experiment. We welcome crime novels with elements of other genres: erotica, horror or historical, for example, or future crime.

And finally for you travel writers…

hidden europe
We specialise in Europe’s unsung spots, or in lesser known aspects of familiar territory. Where we take in a well known destination, you can be assured we will take a quirky or unusual perspective on it. And we try to be genuinely Europe-wide in our coverage, with prose that evokes a spirit of landscape and a vivid sense of place.