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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Publishing News

Simon & Schuster: Almost every big blogger is commenting on Simon & Schuster's plan to revamp their contract so that the author's work is retained indefinitely. It doesn't surprise me. Actually, what does surprise me is that it took this long to happen. And as much as I agree with agents and authors who are appalled by this turn of events, we may be spinning our wheels. It might not have made a big difference if a smaller publisher went this route, but it's much easier to climb on the bandwagon of a big house.

This makes having an agent all the more crucial. It's their job to negotiate a contract amenable to all parties.

In other news: Miss Snark is retiring her blog. I've always liked her advice, but not often pleased with its delivery or the predatory snarklings who descended on less informed souls like wolves on a blood trail. Still MS delivered some good direction and opportunities. I did notice that her posts for the last couple of months were less inflammatory than earlier posts, so maybe she knew she was quitting the blog show for some time now. The good news is that she'll keep the archives open for future reading.