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Friday, May 4, 2007

Warm welcome

I came back to a hero's welcome yesterday. All my employees had this huge spread of food and welcomed me back with open arms.

Our computers are set up to delete emails after 21 days, so my email backlog wasn't too bad. Only 570-odd emails in my box. Most were time sensitive and hopefully handled by someone else, so I deleted those. The rest (a mere 150) I'll have to read a bit more carefully.

I am on half days for a couple of weeks, until my stamina returns. But there is so much work waiting for me, it's killing me to leave at midday. I know I have to or I'll never recuperate fully. I just don't like seeing things half finished.

Nonfiction: I'd been lurking over at Absolute Write for a while and decided to join the group. There are a lot of practical and business-minded writers over there and I've learned a lot just by listening.

They have a query challenge going on for nonfiction. I am rotten at these challenges unless there's a pointy stick at my back, but I need to keep my momentum going. It's part of my evil plan for world domination. Uh, no--wait, wrong plan. It's part of my business plan for getting more clips and increasing my network. I have some big goals for years 4 and 5, so I need to get my butt in gear. My evil plan for world domination will have to wait until I get my writing career established.

Fiction: Daw's blog had an interesting thread on how we plot our stories. I wish I had some dark secret for plotting. My methods are so simple they're embarrassing. I usually take some quirk from my mc and twist it until it bleeds out something intriguing. It also has to be a story I can love too. There's nothing more boring than forcing yourself to write a story you don't like. And I'd be more petulant than usual if I got bored with my own story.

I liken my method to a rash. It starts with one little itch and then I douse it with alcohol and light a flame.