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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Candace Havens Workshop

My bad. It's been tough to keep up with this blog recently. I have been doing actual writing and mailing packages off so there's been little time for updates. I have several blog topics coming up but I wanted to mention Candy Havens' latest free workshop.

Right now she is interviewing several editors and agents on her email forum. So far, she has Hilary Sares (Editor, Kensington), Kathryn Lye (Editor, Blaze, Red Dress Ink), Anne Sowards (Editor,Ace/Berkley/Roc), Krista (Editor, Delacorte), Sha-Shana Crichton (Agent) and Elaine Spencer (Agent.)

I just received the first email containing the interview with Elaine Spencer from the Knight Agency. Ms. Spencer packs a lot of good information on pitching to agents, so I strongly urge you to join Candy's loop. She continually brings on guest speakers as well as conducts workshops on topics such as: Fast Drafts and Revision Hell.

Candace Havens is the author of Charmed & Dangerous, out in print right now. Check out her website for more news and information.

If you want to sign up directly, go here: