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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Da Writing Life

Garage sale went smoothly yesterday. We got rid of a lot of big things that were just taking up space and going unused. My house looks tidy again!

Oddly enough, we didn't have many book browsers this go round. We only stayed open for a few hours because it got pretty hot by midday. The rest of the day we crashed and watched videos. We keep saying we're going to go out to see Pirates 3 but neither of us wants to sit through that long a movie. Johnny Depp isn't that entertaining.

On writing: One of my buddies got asked for a partial! I get so pumped when someone I know passes that hurdle. But as I've learned even when you're faithfully published, there are always obstacles and uncertainties that haunt you.

Another friend wrote the outline to her second book. The agent liked it. The editor…not so much. Even when you're in, you're not. Publication has too many variables to ever make you feel like you're home-free.

And to add insult to injury, you even get attacked by peers. I recently read about one writer who received some ugly reviews from anonymous sources. That's just not nice. Moreover, it's cowardly, which in my book makes you as honorable as a piranha.

It sounded to me like they were grudge reviews. Some people are too petty for words. I should feel sorry for these anonymous vultures for being so small-minded and insecure but I believe in karmic justice. Should they, themselves ever get published I predict a very short career. God don't like ugly.

Today: more chillin'