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Monday, June 25, 2007

The Fortuneteller

Are you superstitious? Do you throw salt over your left shoulder when you knock down the shaker or wear your lucky underwear when you play cards?

I was talking to one of my online buddies and he made me laugh when he said he didn't want to jinx himself by asking about a particular agency where I had good luck. Much like actors, I think we all get a little spooked since getting published seems to rely on an inordinate amount of luck.

Lately, I've had nothing but bad luck on the home front. I tend not to take it personally. Bad things just happen on occasion. Heck, I've lived through hurricanes, fires and tragic death. I can handle anything--preferably not all at once though.

But I have to admit even I don't blow raspberries at fate, on the off chance it might get vindictive and throw monkey wrenches in return.

About five years ago, before I got interested in writing, I had won an award at work and the prize was a three-day weekend stay at a luxury resort. After the big banquet, they opened the hall to a parade of entertainers, including a palm reader. I had never had my palm read so I thought it would be fun to do.

She examined both my hands and told me I was going to be published. I remember laughing at her. I had just finished writing a technical manual for my company and told the lady that my fifteen minutes of fame had already happened and she needed to come up with something else. But she said no, what she saw hadn't occurred yet. She pointed to dozens of striations on the fleshy part of my palm (below my thumb) and said, "You have a lot of stories to tell and it's a novel that I see published."

Ha! How does that saying go? From your lips to God's ear.

So help me, if that fortuneteller is right, I'm going to go out and get my palm read again. I need to find out if I have an exotic vacation in my future.


Mike Keyton said...

I went to a party in New York that had a fortune teller. She told me motorbikes would be the death of me. She was too late. The year before I was riding passenger on one from London to Wales suffering from flu and diarrohea. I reckon that was probably my first warning and I haven't been on one since. Knowing my luck one will probably drop on me from the sky.

Maria Zannini said...'re probably right. :o)