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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Writing SFF Romance

I've been working on a fantasy novel lately. Much as I admire high fantasy, my obsessive-compulsive personality won't let me write it. I'm unable to suspend my disbelief in elves, wizards and monsters long enough to write such a book, but I can build a world where such creatures "seem" to exist.

My current wip happens 1200 years in a future Earth, one we no longer recognize. A new race of humans have evolved, people who wield magic. But is it magic, or science disguised as magic? This is a theme I explore often. I'm fascinated by what people are willing to believe even if common sense tells them it's impossible.

I plan to write this as a romance, but once again the world building and politics are taking over and I have a complex relationship growing between two people from different "worlds", fey and plainfolk. Like the SF thriller I'm writing in tandem, this one also has roots from an early short story though only the theme is the same. The characters have taken on new personalities and goals.

My only concern? The romance. I never know if I have enough romance in a book. I tend to write SFF with romantic 'elements' rather than full blown romance. Am I shooting myself in the marketing foot by not going all the way? (Seems to me I had this dilemma at sixteen too.) LOL

Markets: I've been lax in posting markets, but they'll be back next week. I've had numerous internet problems and I've had to lay low for a while. To my usual email and blogger buddies: I'm not MIA, just bogged down. I should be back to my usual routine next week.

Conferences: RWA hosts its mega conference on July 11. Even though I can call myself a conference veteran now, I find this one rather intimidating. It's the mother of all writing conferences. I'm told it's well organized, but we'll see. Several of my live and online buddies will be there so I hope we'll be able to touch base at some point during the con. With any luck, I'll have some new panel discussion notes to post on this blog in a couple of weeks.


Jude said...

Hi Maria: Thank you for your kind words on BN. I had looked at your blog before to see if you were going to Dallas, and somehow came away with the impression that you weren't. Your post made me doublecheck and correct my misimpression -- I have added your blog to the blogroll for Blogging National.

Have fun at National! I look forward to your posts. :)