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Friday, July 13, 2007

RWA Continued

I am suffering from brain drain. There was one last panel for tonight and I just didn't have the energy to attend. Instead I chatted with Lynn and several of her friends from her local group in the evening.

Lunch was with Maya and Marie Tuhart. While I had the chance to chow down, I completely missed the speakers whom I very much wanted to hear. I had an editor appointment and because her other appointment failed to show up, I ended up getting the editor all to myself and we shot the bull.

I may need a few days rest before I can post my observations from the panels I did attend. One more day of conference and then I can collapse unto myself.

One of the neatest things about this con is all the freebies you get. My book booty is enormous! I don't know when I'll have time to read all these books. At last count I had about 30 books. I see a vacation on a deserted beach in my future. :o)

My mouth probably hangs open most of the time while I'm there. I am in so much awe of these authors, speakers, editors and agents. What a wealth of information.

I am taking notes as fast as I can because my memory is as tight as a sieve. What's worse is my memory for names. I have been jotting notes on the backs of business cards for some of the people I meet because I just know our paths will cross again and I don't want to forget them.

If only human memory could be modified as easily as a computer's. I need an upgrade. --there's a story idea waiting to happen.

An RWA conference is an overwhelming experience, especially for a first timer. I've been on sensory overload since the first day. And while the majority of attendees are women, there were several male romance writers. I thought that was neat. I would love to find out the names they write under and examine their writing styles.

One more day...then I can pass out.