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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

This blog's for you

No blog tomorrow. It's a holiday and I will use it to work on my wip. On Thursday and Friday, I'll have a two-part post on tips for creating a logo for your website header.

Today, I'll chime in on a post from Pub Rants dated June 27 and titled Mum's the Word.

A lot of writers post how many words they wrote that day, what rejections they received, and of course, their acceptances. I think only the last one is important for newsworthiness, and something that should be shared. As for word counts, let's face it, who really cares how many words you wrote that day? (other than you) But what about rejections? Do you really want to advertise those to people who could potentially hire you?

Some time ago on Forward Motion, a newby asked about what kind of content to put on his writing blog. Many people came up with suggestions, but the best advice is to put only what won't embarrass you five years down the road.

If an editor or agent decides to Google me and lights upon this blog, I want to put forth the best possible foot, and I don't want that foot in my mouth. I want publishers to know I am a professional who won't say anything to make them sorry for our association.

And this site is only for writers. There's nothing here that would be of interest to people who aren't part of our business. Eventually, I'll restructure the sister website so that it will be geared more for readers, but this blog is strictly for my peers and business associates.

Yup, this blog's for you.

Thursday & Friday: Create a web header