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Saturday, August 18, 2007


Found this on Stephanie's blog about a new review group and their contest. Sign up here and get in the running for a bagful of books from 'The Long and the Short of It'.


Many apologies to Rayven, among others who's email got caught in my spam filter. I recently upgraded to a newer version of Microsoft Outlook and it was very picky about what mail I got to see.

Rayven Godchild has a new book out called: Secret Lilies, an inter-racial erotic romance. Go and take a look.


Thanks to several OWW list members/grammarians who did their best to explain the quirky rationale to commas before the word "then". Maya probably explained it the best in a language I understood. She said her copy-editor didn't question the commas in her book. That's good enough for me. lol


Thanks too, to Rayne who gave me some wonderful expert information about Wicca. I am working on the outline to the sequel of the time travel fantasy I just finished and Rayne appeared just when I needed her most.


Marianne Arkins said...

Hey... thanks for the post on our contest! And good luck to you :-)