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Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Good Place

The other day I listed the book, More Sand in My Bra, which contains one of my stories, (Thongs for the Memories) in the Broad Universe book catalog. It felt weird to know that I have something with an ISBN code.

Broad Universe is such a neat group. While their primary purpose is to promote women writers, they don't stop men from joining. I enjoy the intelligent list group and how seriously they take their role in promoting writers. Please go over and visit the site. Cost of membership is low, but the benefits and camaraderie are priceless.

All in all, my writing career is coming along rather well. Despite a hectic schedule, I've managed to write three novels, a fistful of articles, maintain several important critique relationships, attend some excellent workshops and conferences, and update this blog regularly with (hopefully) helpful content. It's all part of my strategy for meaningful publication. Currently, I'm on year 3 of my 7 year plan.

Could I do more? Heh! Not unless there was two of me. I've reached my limit time-wise. As it is, I feel I may have to give up one or two of my smaller groups in order to keep up with my obligations.

I'd also like to update my art portfolio too. There have been several opportunities for me to get an art gig, but I've declined because I don't have anything current to show clients. I do have a project to complete in the next few months--a pet portrait for a friend of mine, which I think would also make a good portfolio piece.

It's funny. The other day I went with a buddy of mine to a local art store and it tugged at my heart strings. It just feels like home whenever I'm surrounded by art supplies and artists. I love the smell of oil paints and turpentine, the feel of crumbly pastels on my fingertips and the sight of row after row of brushes. I love talking to other artists. There's a kinship there, much like there is between writers.

I often feel torn between these two worlds, but I also feel blessed because I get a perspective that few others share. I'm in a good place. It's been tough juggling so many plates, but I really feel things are starting to come together. The icing on the cake is that my health has improved dramatically since the surgery, too. You can't work if you don't feel well.

Here's hoping year 4 will be the year I turn the corner on my career. I've been encouraged by recent events. Things are looking up.

On the home front: Baby brother has a new baby of his own--his third. Congratulations, little bro. My kid brother owns and operates Cary Gymnastics Center in Cary, Illinois, with his lovely wife, Laura. It's a corporation he built all by himself and big sister is very proud of him.

--David, I forgive you for tossing my jars of paint off our 4th floor apartment window when you were four. But the Spiderman incident will live on in infamy. I know I can sell that story somewhere. You are toast, buddy. LOL