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Monday, August 13, 2007


The weekend was a little lazy. I got the important stuff done then I goofed off by surfing the net and checking out some blogs. I guess even alphas need some down time. Besides, it was so HOT! Triple digits and dangerous ozone warnings.

I have a board meeting tomorrow, which means I'll be home late (and cranky), so this post will have to do you for a couple of days.

Let's do markets.

This one is brand new.

Magik Mist

They pay 2-3 cents per word.

From their site: Because we are at the very early stages of development, our guidelines are fairly fluid at the moment. Monthly columns and special articles about the business of writing, industry news, story development, etc. would be appropriate…and of course…stories! We are also open to suggestions. (What would you like to see in a new speculative fiction ezine? As readers and writers, what length stories would you like to see?)

Magik Mist also has a contest coming up fast.
Deadline: 8-15-07
Story length: 1,000 to 3,000 words.
Fee: $10
Prizes: $500 – first place
$250 – second place
$100 – third place
$50 – honorable mentions (3)


Our main objective is to be truly helpful, to provide information that empowers our readers to make changes, and supports them in being their own experts. We like articles that have a strong point of view and come from the heart, that are challenging or evocative. We also take pride in publishing well-researched, extensively documented articles. When submitting this type of article, please use only the most updated research, from primary sources. We pay between $200 and $500 for a magazine article, the amount to be negotiated at the time it is selected for and laid out in an issue. Payment is made 90 days from publication date for one-time use of the article.

Kids Pages

Nonfiction: Family related topics
Word Count: Up to 2,000 words
Pay: 10 cents per word

New York Review of Science Fiction

Pays $10 for reviews, $25 for features, and $5 for short ("boxed" or sidebar) features. Seeks popular articles, essays, parodies, studies, and thought-pieces on topics related to science fiction, fantasy, and horror literature. The same provisions regarding the writing quality of reviews applies to features. Please query with specific topics.