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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Word 2007

I goofed the other day and put in the wrong web address for Query Tracker. I ended up sending you to an online article I wrote.

I've since corrected my gaff. Here is the right address for Query Tracker. By the way, if you go to this site and click on their articles link, you'll find my online article on writing sex scenes, called Creating the Sizzle in Sex.

The skinny on Word 2007: One of my computer genius friends did his best to talk me out of getting Microsoft Office 2007. I won't kid you, it wasn't user friendly for the first two days until I figured out where they put all my favorite tools and commands. But once I got the hang of it, I have to say Microsoft outdid itself. It has more bells and whistles than a shiny new bike.

The nicest feature for me is that you can create your own personalized list of most used commands at the very top of the menu bar.

I recommend it if you don't get flustered easily with new software. Word 2007 is chock full of useful features, just not where you expect them. Now that I'm comfortable with it, I wouldn't trade it for the older versions. Just be prepared for a learning curve.