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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hurricane Humberto

Hurricane Humberto hit the Texas Gulf Coast this morning.

It was only supposed to be a tropical storm, but it got stronger as it reached landfall. Greg says they got buckets of rain, and many of the petrochemical plants are without power. He'll have his hands full for the next few days.

Still, it was a baby hurricane. Not like monster Rita, that two years ago, wiped us out and dragged us back into the Stone Age for nearly a month. Even today, the tree-line looks like it got a bad haircut. It was a devastating hurricane, one we have yet to recover from.

I won't bore you with our tale of woe. But it was bad. Really bad.

Now that I've learned how to post videos, thought you might like to see a tiny bit of what Rita did to us two years ago. The oak that landed on the house was a little one, only 60 feet horizontal. Most of the pines on our property were no less than 100 feet tall, and ripped straight out of the ground.

And you wonder why I laugh at danger. Look what it did to my house!