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Saturday, September 8, 2007

This and That

I think I've met most of my obligations for the week. Sadly, I must domesticate myself today and clean house. Said house isn't exactly dirty, just highly cluttered. I have a huge box (filled to the brim) of books I haven't read yet. Right now, those books are the most organized objects in my house.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a wicker bench with queen Ann legs at a garage sale. It was a well made bench that had seen better days. I cleaned it off and painted it; a soft wheat color for the wicker and a brilliant Chinese red for the legs. Now I don't know what to do with it.

I must be like one of those people who take in strays. I can't stand to see a tattered piece of furniture go unrepaired. I'm told I'm the same way with husbands. (grin)


Madeline L'Engle died yesterday at the age of 88. This wonderful author was the first person to introduce me to science fiction. When I first read A Wrinkle In Time, I had barely mastered English and I must have kept a dictionary by my side the whole time I was reading the story.

She will be missed.


Monday Mania: Writing on the Wall is hosting an online critique forum. Send in your first page (up to 350 words) or your query letter for feedback. It starts this Monday, 9-10-07.

It may be too late to submit for this Monday, but it sounds like they may be doing this for a while so you can get in for a future Monday.


Found this at Broad Universe: Book
For those of you who have a book to promote, you can sign up and list your upcoming appearances. For those of you not touring, you can enter your zip code and see who is appearing in your area.

This sounds like it's a pretty good tool, and it's free! Free is always good.


Finally, don't forget the Muse Conference. Deadline to register is September 15. So sign up now!

The conference itself is October 8-14. It is chock full of FREE workshops, downloads, handouts and ebooks. They're also going to give out random prizes.

This year, one of my critique partners is also teaching a workshop. Margaret is a topnotch editor, (and crit partner) so I know you'll get a lot out of her class.

Here is Margaret's workshop: How to Think Like an Editor Without Giving Up Your Day Job

Join Sara Reinke and Margaret McGaffey Fisk to explore ways to take your not so perfect first draft on the road to publication. We'll look at methods to strengthen the plot, tighten the prose, confine or grow the word count, and many more. These techniques will assist both novel and short story writers in polishing their works until they reach submission standards. Each day of the conference, we will address a different aspect of editing and there will be an open question and answer discussion on the final day.