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Monday, October 1, 2007

Vote for my Blog

This is your chance to help me out.

I am in Fiction Addiction's contest for best author site. I decided to promote my blog rather than my website since this is a vehicle that is updated regularly.

Please go here: http://FictionAddiction.NET/vote.html and vote for my blog. It should be in the 9th row from the top. Click on the circle below my name and hit Submit Entry at the bottom of the page.

Please vote for me every day until November 12.

If I win, they grant me a small advertising space on their website. Good for me (because it means I'll get more traffic) and good for you because if I mention your blog on my blog it means more traffic for you.

So help a buddy out. Vote today and vote every day until November 12. If I win, we'll be helping each other out.