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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Votes and Emails

Voting is still going on at Fiction Addiction, but I just found out the vote is only valid if you put down a legitimate email address at the top of the form. Some of you (including me) voted without the email address. I verified with Fiction Addiction that the name and email address are necessary in order to cast votes. They did assure me that the email address was only for authentication. You will not be spammed. So vote away.


Yesterday, I had a tech check on a minor email problem and I came to find out that whatever he did to fix it, halted the mail from all my other boxes. So if you emailed me---and I haven't answered, it means I never got it. Please contact me again. I'm not ignoring you, I was merely ether-challenged.

Tomorrow: Weasel Words: My mission to hunt and destroy