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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Making Time

Now that I'm with Samhain, I've been invited into several private list groups. I continue to be impressed with how well organized this publisher is. There is a cohesiveness and a logic in the way Samhain guides their authors.

It's a little overwhelming right now, but I hope to settle in after the holidays. My book, Touch of Fire won't be out until next summer, so I have plenty of time to look around. I do want to be more involved in the writing community so I'm trying to pull myself out of lurking mode and participate more.

The biggest help in forcing me to delurk has been using a blog reader. I can scan blogs quickly rather than click each link to see if anyone had anything to say. I only go directly to the blog if I want to comment or see what else the blogger has written. So if anyone notices they've not been seeing me in their stat counter, it's because I'm reading your blogs remotely. Rest assured, I am reading you though.

There have been beau coup obstacles that have hindered my writing time. My kitchen is in bits and pieces right now. Greg is installing my cabinets and I will need to do some touch ups afterwards. Then there's my day job, where I'll be covering for several managers who decided to take all of December off. I have a couple art projects to finish; one is a Christmas gift so I really need to get that done. And then there's blurb copy I need to furnish to Samhain for the upcoming novel. Oh….and I did win some ad space over at Fiction Addiction, so thank you to everyone who voted for me!! That said, now I have to design a banner for them to post.

Everything I just listed (and this was only a partial inventory) has to be done by December 20. No pressure. LOL

I've been writing in little spaces of time; reading when I can't write, and researching in between. The holidays aren't easy because so many other people need you at this time too. So I make time for them because in the end they're the only ones that matter.

I'm not one of those "writing is my life" authors. …I'll wait while the purists throw rotten tomatoes at me. (grin)

My philosophy is to make time for the important things in life. Everything else will find a way to fit in.


Heather B. Moore said...

After reading your post, I realized that I'm obsessive about whatever I'm doing. Be it writing, music, sports, whatever.

Those lists can definitely be time consuming. I've joined a few here and there only to fade out after a couple of weeks.

Maria Zannini said...

LOL...speaking as a dyed in the wool obsessive, that's not always a bad thing. I'll bet you always reach your goals.

I do have to make decisions on how much time to spend in any one place though. Call me a pragmatic obsessive. :o)