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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Welcome to OWW

Recently, I accepted the position of newsletter editor for OWW. The publisher and I went back and forth on how the newsletter should look. My main focus was to make it easier to read.

The best thing about the new newsletter is that we can now add photos. That's always a nice touch. We also added new departments, such as interviews and markets. I hope to make those regular columns.

You can view the newsletter whether you're an OWW member or not. Go here. Click on the tan bar at the top titled: Newsletter/e-groups. It'll take you to a new page where you can go to "Current Newsletter".

If you would, please email me or Ellen and let us know what you think of the newsletter (good or bad) and if you have any suggestions for improvement. I'd really appreciate the feedback so please write in!

OWW is a writing workshop specifically geared for SFF and Horror. It's a great place to find crit partners of every skill level who really appreciate speculative fiction.

I am back on the shop and will return to critting as soon as I can get November out of the way. I'll probably only review short stories because I don't have time for lengthier commitments.

---the chances of me posting something of my own? Probably nil. So if I crit you, return the favor by reviewing someone else. Share the luv.


Kaz Augustin said...

Maria, I didn't even know such a group existed! Congratulations on the position. The newsletter is fantastically informative. The love of genre and respect the reviewers have towards the other writers really come through.

I liked the way each section was in its own box. This is especially useful when the text within each section gets quite long. The typeface and font size is easy on all eyes, I think, and the colour scheme is appropriately minimalist. The photos are a great addition and look very good in such a colour scheme.

The only point I make is niggly. I would italicise the questions in the Interview so it's easier to differentiate from the answers. Other than that, brilliant!

Maria Zannini said...

Thanks for the feedback, Kaz. I will pass it on.

OWW offers a free month's trial membership if you're interested in checking it out.