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Sunday, December 16, 2007


Went to see "I Am Legend" with Will Smith. While I took issue with some of the plot logic and the "too incredible to be believed" mutants, I liked the movie.

This says a lot because I walked in with a prejudiced view. I did NOT want to see this movie because of what happens to the dog. Yes, I cried. But the scene I was dreading was probably the best one in the film.

You'll probably hear mixed reactions to this movie, but I thought it was the best of the three that've been made from the book. Will Smith was excellent. He really shows what he's made of.

This was part horror, part SF. The CGI monsters were a little rough, but the cinematography was well done and Smith's acting wrenched every shred of emotion to the forefront.

Go for the dog. Bring Kleenex.


suzannemcleod said...

Hi Maria. This was on my 'go see' list as soon as I heard it was coming out. Then I saw the trailer - and the dog! And I just can't do it ;( Same way, I've never been able to watch any more of Gladiator after I saw the dogs in that, or any other film - I can just tell that something awful is going to happen... so I just can't make myself watch it! Thanks for the review though.


Maria Zannini said...

My husband keeps telling me that the dog didn't really die. She was an actor---a lesser paid actor.

Sam (the dog) was adorable!! She and Smith played off well against each other. I think that's why their scenes brought out such emotion.

Thanks for stopping by, Suzanne!