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Sunday, January 27, 2008

B&Bs and Bordellos

Fate has a way of sucker punching us every time Greg and I make fun of stuff.

We've always loved visiting the zoo and once (many years ago) we came across a funny looking bird called the lesser rhea. To this day, I remember poking fun at that poor bird and making bad jokes at its expense. Such as: If this is a lesser rhea, where's the greater one? (I did say they were bad jokes.)

Unfortunately, the entire rhea population had the last laugh when more than 20 years later we ended up raising those tall flightless birds.

I learned more about rheas than any normal person had a right to know. I didn't want to be an expert, but I had to become one when we realized NOBODY seemed to know anything about their physiological needs at the time.

I stopped making fun of them after the first week of mucking pens of unspeakable horror. I was now catering to their every single avian need. Who's the lesser being now, Sparky? LOL!

Then later, on a vacation in Wyoming, we watched two little specs climb Devil's Tower. You know Devil's Tower. That was the rock Richard Dreyfus and friends climbed in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. (And no, they really didn't climb it. You'd need gear.)

Again, we made the unfortunate decision of making fun of those crazy people doing something so stupid as climbing up a vertical rock face and risking certain death and dismemberment.

Yeah, you guessed it. Less than a year later, we took up rock climbing. Holy moley! What were we thinking?

So you can imagine our hesitation when we came across an unusual house during our hunt for that perfect last house.

This place is unique. I call it early bordello in red velvet. The house is PINK, The interior is a throwback to 19th century San Francisco bordellos. In the right hands, it would make an awesome B&B.

I said the right hands, not OUR hands.

But the reason we keep coming back to it in our searches is because, gosh darn it, that house has a lot of character---plus it's on 87 acres of land.

I hate to say it, but we're going to look at that place in a couple of weeks when Greg comes back. We do not plan to make any jokes about B&Bs…or bordellos. I can't afford either occupation. And I've already had too many requests from Greg's friends asking when they can come up and visit.

Mum's the word.