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Thursday, January 31, 2008


OWW (Online Writers Workshop for SF, Fantasy and Horror) and Joshua Palmatier are joining forces to sponsor the Commendable Crit Contest on OWW.

The contest starts February 1st. You must be a member of OWW, but you can get a FREE trial membership. Woo hoo! The best crits win a year's workshop membership and/or books from Joshua Palmatier. And that is tres cool.

Go to Joshua's blog for more information.


Nathan Bransford is holding a First Page contest. The deadline is up, but you should be seeing entries for a looooong time to come. He says he received 674 entries. Wow!

I did not enter, but many of my friends did. I'll look forward to reading the entries.


Yesterday I waded through more than 300 emails and browsed through an equal number of blog posts and news stories. This one caught my eye.

It looks like someone accidentally found a way to revive forgotten memories. Not only did I find this interesting on a personal level, I couldn't help but think of several nifty SF story ideas stemming from the concept of deep brain stimulation. See what you think.


Carol Burge said...

I can't believe I missed the Nathan Bransford deadline! Stupid, stupid, stupid! And I even blogged about it! I think I need a vacation. :)

Maria Zannini said...

Woman! Where was your head? LOL!

I have to constantly leave myself notes or nothing would ever get done.