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Monday, January 14, 2008


Parsec Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Story Contest


The contest is open to non-professional writers (those who have not met eligibility requirements for SFWA or equivalent). The best story which relates to and features the contest theme will be published in the Confluence 2008 program book, and the author awarded the first prize of $200.

At the discretion of the judges a second and third prize in the amounts of $100 and $50 may be awarded, with possible publication in a PARSEC INK publication. Submission to the contest implies consent for publication, but all rights revert immediately to the authors upon publication.

Theme: "Metallic Feathers."
Deadline: April 15, 2008.
Stories must be Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror in genre. Stories must be original, unpublished, unsold and no more than 3,500 words in length.


Great Mystery and Suspense Magazine

Our mission is to help mystery/suspense writers publish and promote their work in a quality publication and to quench the mystery lover's thirst for the sinister. What makes us different from some of the very few other mystery magazines is the word wholesome.

We prefer 1,500-2,500 words but also accept short shorts of about 750-1000. We buy First Serial Rights and Electronic Rights and some reprint rights. We pay $25-50 ($5 for poetry) and one copy on acceptance.



Sensorotika is now accepting submissions for publication, from both established and aspiring authors. Currently, we are looking for short stories or manuscripts, primarily for publication in printed form.

Many books are also published in e-book format. Royalties are paid on any published work, except in cases where usage is purchased outright. Before submitting a manuscript or proposal, please read the guidelines as listed below.

Submission Guidelines: We are primarily looking for quality erotic fiction - meaning story driven, focused on strong writing and description. While a story must be sexy - and explicitness is fine - the story must also be well crafted.