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Friday, January 11, 2008

Virgin Erotica

I was supposed to work on my pirate story. But I got sucked into writing a short story.

An erotic short story.

My first.

Geez. I feel like such a virgin.

Erotica is a lot harder to write than I thought it would be. The sex isn't difficult to write, at least not for me, but the melding of conflict with the sexual escapades of my characters is what separates a compelling story from a mediocre one.

The first version was getting too complicated and dark. And it was conflicting with the voice of one of my main characters who was turning out intriguingly funny in an understated kind of way. So I went back and tossed out the dark story line and replaced it with something more fun.

I like it better. Now I need to finish it.

Before I lose my nerve. :o)

But if this story becomes good enough to publish…will it warrant a pseudonym?

I've been back and forth on pen names. Many of my friends write under a pseudonym and I wonder if I shouldn't have done that too. I can still do it for the occasional erotica spree.

It’s something I should probably discuss with my husband to see how he feels about it. I don't think I have any qualms about seeing my name on erotica. I'll probably never go that raunchy anyway. I don't write outrageously lurid. But since it's his name too, I should take his feelings into consideration.

We'll see. For all I know I could be a rotten erotica writer.


Kaz Augustin said...

North American writers usually cite community as one reason why they use a pseudonym. So, besides DH, think about the people you rub shoulders with on a daily basis. Any puritanically-minded folks? If you're in any doubt, best to don a pseudonym, imo. It's easier to "out" yourself, once you're confident of your reception, than duck for cover should stormclouds gather.

Maria Zannini said...

Good point. I was thinking too about the professional relationships in my other life too.

My friends stay my friends because they accept me as I am. But it might be more likely implications could arise if that erotic story or book circulated while still employed by 'big name company'. For the last three years I've kept those two lives deliberately separated.

Food for thought. Thanks, K. I will ponder this some more and see what kind of name I can come up with.