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Friday, February 22, 2008

Free Books, Advice & Opinion

Posting three times a week rather than five is working out well. I don't get near as many insane impulses to jab a pointy spike in my eye like I used to.

I have a few announcements and links for you to check out today.

Writers' Retreat
If you have the bucks (I already know you'll have the inclination) check out Misque. This is a writer's retreat in Hawaii. (Yeah, try NOT to have a good time there.)

Participation is limited to 20 people and it is held at a 5-star resort hotel with catered meals. The workshop itself will provide very personalized instruction.

It's expensive, but it would make a helluva trip---and you'd get something useful out of it too. By the way, if you decide to go, mention that you saw the announcement on this blog.

Thanks, Christine for contacting me.


Free Books
And from TOR, get free ebooks. Sign up for their newsletter and get on the list.


Need Advice on Promotions?

Both Jessica Faust (through her author Stacey Kayne) and Rachel Vater had excellent advice for promoting your books. They were two of the most thorough and well thought out posts I'd seen on the subject.


A blogger's take on manipulating emotion
My friend and crit partner, Mike Keyton sent me this morsel from sartorias (otherwise known as Sherwood Smith) on emotion in writing.

Sherwood Smith really struck a chord with me. I hate to be manipulated by writers. Do they think they're that clever? Or maybe they think I'm that easy? Neither would be true.

It's not that I can't be swayed to feel a certain emotion. I just don't appreciate being led by the nose. Good writing should be a little more subtle than that. Drop by her blog and see if you agree.


Suzanne McLeod said...

Great advice blog as ever Maria ;) Hey, and free books *g*

And sorry I've become the invisible writer, but I'm wading through deep cuts for my editor with a deadline of 1st March! Yikes! Will be around after that, if I'm not too brain dead

Maria Zannini said...

Suzanne! Glad I could bring you out of purgatory.

I hear you on edits. I've got edits to turn in this week too. :o)