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Monday, February 11, 2008


TSM Travel Writing Contest

Deadline: February 28, 2008

Genre: Nonfiction

Details: 300 - 1000 words traveling story or a traveling article.
You could provide travel advice, or address philosophical questions pertaining to the traveling community.

Prize: $150



A Cup of Comfort for New Mothers

Pay: $100

Submission Deadline: 4/01/2008

Few experiences bring forth as many anxieties, blessings, challenges, wonders, and changes as having a baby-whether it's your first child or fifth, your birth child or adopted child. And nothing is as miraculous as giving birth to or witnessing the birth of your baby. This heartwarming anthology will be filled with birth stories and newborn homecoming stories as well as a wide range of stories about the various experiences, emotions, and concerns involved in adding a new baby to one's life and family.

Potential topics include but are not limited to: nursing (or not), caring for a newborn, bonding/falling in love with infant, lack of sleep, relationship with spouse, how siblings respond, returning to work, balancing responsibilities, post-partum depression, self transformation, unexpected joys, life lessons, small miracles, etc. The majority of the stories will be about birth children, but the book will likely include a couple adoptive stories as well.

Likewise, most of the stories will be written from the new mother's perspective, but we are open to including a few stories written from the spouse's or a very close family member's perspective. All stories will be uplifting and positive, no matter how difficult the situation portrayed in the story might be. We do not want stories that simply recount misfortunes and sorrows and that do not clearly reveal a positive outcome or redeeming result (silver lining).


Coming Of Age, USA

From Council on Aging of West Florida. A seniors-oriented lifestyle and informational print magazine and television program. Accepts queries for features, high-profile interviews and all departments: Caregiving, Health, Travel, Do-Gooders and Hobbies. All should relate to active seniors.

Pays up to $0.15 per word.


Plenty, USA

Covers a broad range of lifestyle topics, from food, travel, and fashion to technology, business, and culture. Looking for creative, well-researched ideas that put a positive spin on protecting the environment.

Pays $1.00 per word usually; $150 for website-only stories.


Tomorrow: A review of COMBAT! by KS Augustin