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Monday, March 10, 2008


Still suffering email envy. I've been promised an update tonight. We'll see.

Broken Pencil

Pays: $30 - $300

Articles, Columns and Non-fiction

Guidelines: Broken Pencil has the following sections that always require contributions. Pencil Sharpener: short reports on cultural events, personalities, zine gatherings etc. examples are a launch of a comic anthology in montreal, a zine fair in medicine hat, a guy who runs an art gallery out of a suitcase in saskatoon. Ideally these are no longer than 400 words. Rant: just like it says, a rant, a first person argument or complaint, could be about anything, but we generally like to have at least some relationship to indie/alternative culture/lifestyle. Should be around 700 words. Features: Long well researched articles on the subject of indie/alternative culture. Could be a profile of an individual or event, could explore a trend or new development etc. 1000-3000 words.

Fiction: Original never before published fiction. Word lengths of 50-3000 words. The thing to do is to pitch us with specific ideas, and maybe include a few of your previous articles. Also a little background info about you would be nice. It will take us a while to get back to you, so be patient.


Big Pulp

Pays: $5 - $25
An online journal featuring genre fiction and artwork of all kinds. We are actively seeking submissions of prose, poetry, photography, artwork, and comics for our pages. We define “pulp fiction” very broadly – it’s lively, challenging, thought-provoking, thrilling, and fun, regardless of how many or how few genre elements are packed in. We don’t subscribe to the theory that genre fiction is disposable; in our opinion, a great deal of literary fiction could easily fall under one of our general categories.


Pod People

Hey, kids! KS Augustin made a terrific idea a reality. Check out her podcast interviews. She interviewed Ashley Ladd the other day. I'm even going to be on there in June. Then you can all hear what I sound like and you can tell me if the voice matches the body. (grin)