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Monday, April 21, 2008

Business Card Winner

And da winnah is....Cheryl!

I don't have one of those contest randomizers so I asked the husband to pick a number. And Cheryl was it.

I deliberately stayed off the comments' trail so I wouldn't be swayed one way or another, but when I did read them, I loved Cheryl's comment about being cheap. A soul sister!

I am all about learning how to do for myself and finding economical ways to get the job done. It's always good to meet a kindred spirit.

Congratulations, Cheryl! Email me (go to my profile for the addy) and give me your thoughts on what you'd like to see on your business card.

If you linked me on your blog in the past three days, and someone commented on it, you are welcome to choose one of your visitors for a free download of Touch Of Fire when it comes out.

Thanks to everyone who popped in. I hope you'll come back because we'll be having more contests as the release of Touch Of Fire draws near.

Normally, I do markets on Monday, but today I'll leave you with links and news.

There's a new agent at the Lori Perkins Agency. Spencer Ellsworth represents Fiction, Mystery, Fantasy, Humor,Satire and Graphic Novels. Query him at: Note per Ellsworth: Please, no vampires.

Allie Boniface gave an excellent report on a recent conference that she attended. I hadn't thought of this, but one of the speakers at this conference recommended local book sellers and book clubs as great venues for the author. I thought this was brilliant. Go here to read the rest of Allie's post.