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Friday, April 11, 2008

I Need a Chorus

I've been giving some thought to promotion. Lots of people have blogged about it in recent weeks, such as Sarah Prineas and Yasmine Galenorn.

It's a subject that comes up regularly on several of my loops.

There is the obligatory bookmark and business card, the occasional postcard and brochure, all things I'm quite familiar with given my line of work. But these are passive tools. And there's no way to gauge whether they’ve done their job of promoting you.

When I was at last year's RWA conference I must have given my business card out to dozens of people. I in turn took theirs. Most of them had an email address, a phone number and a short blurb on what specific sub genre they wrote in, but few had a blog or website. That surprised me a little.

Websites and blogs are so important in today's environment. And it's easy to get a free one, though I do recommend going for a paid site so visitors don't have to endure all those advertising banners.

But free is good while you're learning how to create, develop and hone your site and your voice. What counts is getting that experience so when you do make your debut, you'll be nice and shiny.

I get a fair amount of visitors here, and my name pops up prominently in Google. It's a great foundation for what comes next: getting the word out. I am still a thin voice out there among the much published and much publicized veterans. I can use all the help I can get. Hopefully, my karma points will come back and repay me. That's the prayer anyway.

I won't be doing too many contests, but I probably will do at least one major one here. I haven't yet decided what the prize will be, but it'll be a nice one, and it'll go to the person who does the best job of telling others that Touch Of Fire is out in the world. More details in the weeks to come.

My first mantra has always been: Write a good book. I'm confident I did. Touch Of Fire packs a lot of punch for a short read. Come on! There's sex, adventure, huge obstacles and great sacrifices. And there's sex. Did I mention that? LOL.

I know this book can stand on its own merits. I just have to get enough people to read it and recommend it to others. So help me spread the word, okay?

If you have a blog or review site that might welcome me, email me and let's talk turkey. I've got a few interviews and guest blogs lined up and hope to earn more exposure as the time draws near.

In other news, if you're interested in seeing the inside of an agent's mind, don’t miss my interview with Colleen Lindsay, from FinePrint Literary, in the May issue of OWW. It's going to be a keeper!


La Gringa said...

God, I just reread the answers to your questions and there were a ton of typos. Can I fix and resend?

:::sheepishly slinks away :::

Maria Zannini said...

I was going to fix, but go ahead if you like. No telling what I'll butcher. (grin)

Trust me, I am always catching typos. You're not the first.

La Gringa said...

I guess that considering I wrote those answers at midnight whilst trying to dislodge 32 combined pounds of feline from my laptop...not so bad!

Will correct and re-send this evening.

Mea culpa!

Maria Zannini said...

Got it.

Josephine Damian said...

Maria FYI - I'm shutting down my blog for 3 months during the summer - starting Memorial Day.

Great linked posts on promoting. Read them all. I think it's the bookserllers who are the key. Make sure you read JA Konrath's blog - he talks a lot about book promoting - what works and what's a waste of time and money.

Re: bookmarks and such - I know Donald Maass thinks they're worthless as a promotional item, and the gals in my romance group give them out all the time - it's just more paper for my recycle bin. I never bought a book because of a book mark or a postcard.

But.... when I met Jim Born and mentioned my blog to him he asked if I had a business card. I did not, but will get some made up in time for the Mystery conference coming up in June.

Maria Zannini said...

I love JAK. He has his head on straight.

PS. I'm going to miss your blog over the summer.

Allie Boniface said...

Maria, I feature an author interview each Wednesday on my blog. I have openings beginning in September, so if you're interested, let me know!

And you're right, promotion is a tough, ongoing, and NECESSARY thing.

Maria Zannini said...

Thanks, Allie!
I'd like to take you up on that.