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Monday, May 5, 2008


On The Brighter Side

We're looking for humorous essays and short stories, both fiction and non-fiction, even if it has a horrific edge, a science fiction angle, or a romantic sensibility to it. We don't care. Anything goes! If you can make us laugh, we'll pay you for it. Stories should be anywhere from 50-2,000 words.

Pays: 3-5 cents/word.

Spacesuits and Sixguns

Spacesuits and Sixguns is a magazine of contemporary pulp fiction - simple, straightforward storytelling with an emphasis on action. 4,000 words or less.

Pays: 3 cents a word to a maximum of $100.


Love Stories Magazine

The overall theme should involve short stories of love and romance. These stories may be contemporary, historic, inspirational, paranormal, or any other theme as long as love and romance are the main thrust of the story. Story length should range from 2,000 to 5,000 Words. After you sign the release we will issue a payment of $300 to you on publication, along with complimentary copies of the magazine.


DaySpring Cards

At DaySpring we are committed to the publication of greeting cards as a ministry. We believe the ministry of our cards is found in the truth of Scripture and in the heart of God. We see greeting cards as tools to help Christians communicate their hearts and God’s heart to the hearts of others. The quality of our cards is meant to enhance the presentation of its message. It is our purpose to create greeting cards that are relevant, meet specific needs, help express God’s loving intentions for mankind, and bring encouragement in the Lord.

Pays: $60/card


Fellow Broad Universe member, Patricia Altner sent me a note telling me about her vampire blog. Vampire readers and writers, be sure to stop by and visit her blog, Vampire Notes if you're hungry to feed your vampire cravings.


Josephine Damian said...

Maria: I hope you're on your way to recovery.

I did a post about your interview with La Gringa.