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Monday, May 26, 2008

New Interview and Markets

Let me start this post by sending you away. Go over and visit JK Coi on her blog. She did a fun interview with me this morning. And don't lurk. Be friendly and leave a comment. I'm going to go over there and check on you. :o)

It's been a while since I've done markets, and I've had a couple of requests to find markets for erotica and novellas. But maybe these will help.


Black Rose Writing Contest

If you've got a hot hero/heroine that also happens to turn furry at least once a month, then Black Rose is looking for your story. We are interested in werewolf stories with tight, well-written storylines and plots. If the hero is female make sure the male is equally impressive.

All stories must have at least one HOT consummated love scene and, of course, the traditional story requirements still stand. Stories that do not follow traditional guidelines will be disqualified.

Submissions are now open! Please place "Got Wolf? Contest Entry" in your subject line along with the traditional subject line matter, also found on the Submissions Guide.
Contest deadline: August 30, 2008
Winners to be announced: October 31, 2008
Contest details:4 shorts -- 15-25,000 word maximum and 2 full shorts -- 25-45,000 word maximum will be chosen from the entries.

All six winners will be included in a Black Rose anthology and will also receive a special Black Rose contest T-shirt. In addition, one winner will be chosen from those six to receive an author's survival basket full of goodies. Anthology Publication (estimated release) date June 2009 Judges: Ami Russell, Callie Lynn Wolfe, Jade Alexander, Amanda Barnett, Joan Archer, and Rene Stephens.


Lyrical Press

Scare us. We dare you.

We’re planning two anthologies featuring classic ghost story themes. Be they dark, steamy, humorous, sentimental or downright creepy, we want your ghost stories.

Tip Sheet:* Suggested submission length: 20-25k* Romantic elements preferred, but not required for either holiday-themed anthology.* Holiday (Halloween or Christmas) theme preferred, but not necessarily required. If the story’s compelling enough, won’t discriminate.* Meta data: Straight-up, good old-fashioned “tales told ‘round the campfire”; folklore and ghost stories; Haunted houses, visitations, Dickens; Legends (but not necessarily myths); Rather more “Things that go bump in the night” than “Things that hump in the night”.*

Be sure you edit very carefully before submitting. (I'm not horribly forgiving, I'm finding)* All submissions should be sent to:, SUBJECT: Ghost Story* See below for submission deadlines:TALES FROM THE SHADOWS

Release Date: October 20, 2008
Submission Deadline: June 1, 2008
Genre: Paranormal
Sensuality Level: Any

Release Date: December 15, 2008
Submission Deadline: June 15, 2008
Genre: Paranormal
Sensuality Level: Any



Haunted Legends, to be published by Tor Books, seeks to reinvigorate the genre of "true" regional ghost stories by asking some of today's leading writers to riff on traditional tales from around the world. We don't just want you to retell an old ghost story, but to renovate it so that the story is dark and unsettling all over again.

Classic tales of the Jersey Devil, the spirits of the Tower of London, ghost lights, and phantom hitchhikers continue to capture the imagination. The Haunted Legends difference is that our contributors will tell the stories in ways they've never been told before.We pay 6 cents a word, up to 8000 words.The open-reading period will begin on midnight, EDT of July 15, 2008 and end 11:59p.m., July 31, 2008.

All submissions must be emailed as a RTF file to Ellen Datlow and Nick Mamatas at hauntedlegends@ Please send no more than one submission. Please send no correspondence, such as queries, to hauntedlegends@ either before or after the reading period – all mail sent to the address at any time other than the reading period will be automatically deleted unread.

Note that much of the anthology is full and that a large number of ghost stories, especially those with an American or UK origin, are thus already “taken” by authors who have been personally solicited for work. Your best bet for this anthology is to go far afield – we are especially interested in renovations of traditional ghost stories from Africa, Latin America, and Asia, or in other tales that may not be well-known.

We also want to emphasize that we are interested only in traditional ghost stories made new again by the ingenuity of the writer. We do not want “campfire” versions of old stories, or slavish recitations. Think of new forms, new voices, new themes, new ways of considering these classic tales. Do not send us your trunk stories. It should be as though your version was always occulted within the classic rendition, but never before perceived or acknowledged.


Shelley Munro said...

Hi Maria - I've just read your interview over at JK's blog. I thought I'd pop over and say hello. :)

Maria Zannini said...

Glad to have you, Shelley. Thanks for popping over.