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Monday, June 23, 2008


The Warren Adler Short Story Contest

Suggested by the recent publication of Warren Adler's latest novel, Funny Boys, the theme for the Summer 2008 Warren Adler Short Story Contest is humor. We're looking for humorous stories in all their varied forms. From satire to farce, from the whimsical to the uproarious, all writers looking to get a laugh (in a good way!) should enter. We are looking for the subtle and the pungent, the black and dark, the sporty, the salty, the waggish, or whatever can spark a knowing smile, a sly chuckle, or a hysterical belly laugh. In other words, anything goes, just as long as it falls into this category, however one stretches its elastic boundaries.

Entries must not exceed 2,500 words, and there is a minimum length of 1,000 words. As in the previous contests, all stories will be judged on the basis of character authenticity, plotting, narrative drive, and the skillful manipulation of the short story literary form.

Submissions will be accepted from May 1st to August 15th.
Entry fee up until August 1st is $15. After August 1st, a late entry fee is $20.
Five cash prizes will be awarded.

Warren Adler's top choice, along with the People's Choice winner, will be announced 15 September. Prizes will be as follows:
1st Prize: $1,000
People's Choice Prize $500
Remaining finalists receive $150 each
Authors retain worldwide publishing rights.

Here's a unique one with narrow parameters for topic.

Thrilling Tales

Fiction: Hero Pulp tales of up to 20,000 words. Query for longer material -- we will consider standard-length pulp novels (60K words), but primarily as serialized fiction or stand-alone book releases. We want tales that are true to the spirit of the pulps -- as such we prefer that they be set during the "pulp era" -- the 1930s. Our standards are perhaps a bit higher than those of the original pulp fiction magazines -- in general we'd prefer stories that are written in a more polished and professional manner than the original pulps, yet still maintaining the pacing, imaginative plots and excitement of the originals. We do have a certain number of "House Characters" -- characters which we will regularly feature, both classic and licensed. Stories featuring these characters will be assigned to writers that we're familiar with, so once you've gotten on board with an original story, we'll consider you for assigned work.

Pay: .03 per word to negotiable


This isn't a market, but someone on one of my loops passed it on. It's hard to describe. Basically it's a pageful of links with their logos as radio buttons. I guess if you recognize the logo of the company you're looking for, it can't be too hard to find.

It's neat anyway. Take a look. It's called: All My Faves