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Friday, July 4, 2008

Back to the City

Addendum: The Tank and armadillo match was too blurry, so I will post a picture of my handsome dog alone.

We are heading back to Dallas later today.

It was a short visit to SE Texas but I had a blast. Aside from the shock of what Greg did to my elegant Italian decor, (he went Oriental on me) I learned how to drive the new lawn tractor.

I hate to call it a lawn mower. The brand name is Bad Boy, and it surely is. It's more of a commercial mower and heavier than any I'd ever seen before. It took me about twenty minutes to get the hang of it and then I was flying!

I probably cleared three acres of jungle in a couple of hours. It was incredible!

While I was there I saw plenty of wildlife too. Tank had his first encounter with an armadillo. There were also plenty of wild rabbits, cardinals, woodpeckers, red hawks and deer. I'll post a picture of Tank and the dillo when I get back to my house.

I miss the country. But I have some work to do on my house this week and I'll need Greg's help, so back to the city we go.

We are also seeing another realtor on Monday to look at more land and houses.

Check back later today when I can post some pictures.