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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm over at Marianne's!

I was trying to decide what to discuss today, but my head has been elsewhere recently.

Let me direct you instead to Marianne Arkin's blog. She let me pop in today and I talked about dogged determination--something I'm rather well known for. *g*


Because I've been so busy house hunting lately, I've spent very little time on the internet, leaving me a little behind. If anyone has been posting any good stuff, I hope to catch up with you this weekend.

I surprised Greg last week when I showed him my system for keeping track of blogs. Google Reader is my friend. I could never keep up with you guys if it weren't for that. At last count there were 269 blogs on my reader. But I am getting ready to cut that number significantly.

You see, I do a lot of tryouts. I'll leave the blog on the reader for a month or two. That usually gives me some idea on the blogger's frequency and how interesting he is on a regular basis. Bloggers who continually complain or whine get tossed out immediately. It doesn't matter if they are famous authors or unpublished.

I do not tolerate negative behavior. I truly believe that kind of blogger is not only depressing, but counterproductive and toxic. He takes good energy away from you, making you feel insecure along with him.

There are too many great bloggers out there. Why waste time on the gloomy Gusses?

Stop over and visit one of the great ones. Tell Marianne, I sent you!


Marianne Arkins said...

I loved your post at my place. Dakota got a snicker, too...

And, yes! I <3 Google Reader. I read a bunch of blogs that way, though I do tend to lurk more than I should.

I delete blogs that are only used for promotion and nothing else. And, yes, negative stuff. Blech. Also, those that are updated infrequently are taken off.

OTOH, I love the recommendations they have and have located several new, fun places to hang out.

BTW, can I tell you how much I can't WAIT for your book to come out in print? OR... if my eye exam and subsequent rx helps me, I'll get the eBook. Right now, I just can't read online... it gives me a wicked headache.

Have a good day, and much luck on the house hunt!

Maria Zannini said...

That Dakota! Just remember how fondly you'll think of these days ten years from now.

Ref: blogs
You are right! I've found a lot of great sites by browsing their blog rolls.

Ref: eyes
Ouch on the eyes. I had both lenses replaced on mine recently. I still have another month to go before (supposedly) I'll be able to read without glasses.

I read quite a few ebooks, but I really need Kindle or Mentor to come down in price. Right now I am looking into seeing how well the Apple I-phone reads text. It looks pretty good to me, but hard to say how I'll feel about reading an entire novel on that screen.

Sarita Leone said...

I enjoyed your visit to Marianne's Reading, Writing and Stuff blog yesterday. Very interesting! And I think Dakota enjoyed it, too.

In total agreement on the whole whiny blog issue. I cannot stand to hear "the daily gripe", especially since I tend to read early in the morning. Who wants to begin their day listening to whining? Ugh.

Good luck with the house hunt! :)

Maria Zannini said...

Hi Sarita!

Ref: Who wants to begin their day listening to whining?

That's a good point. I hate to start my day on a sour note.

And the real culprits are the ones who do this daily. Everyone has bad days and I can understand when they're upset or depressed on occasion. But there are some bloggers who revel in misery and they either want constant stroking or company in their misery.

Those people need more attention that can be given on a blog.

Thanks for coming by!