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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Break From Critting

I finished my last full novel critique and now I plan to take a break from critting. I've had back to back books over the last four months and I am spent.

Critting takes a lot out of me and I take the responsibility very seriously. Maybe too seriously. :o) It's just that I remember a few critters in my past who were so mamby-pamby that I regret ever dealing with them. They held me back with their false praise. And I have to wonder if that wasn't part of their agenda.

I checked on two of them recently and they aren't any further along than they were three years ago. It's not that they didn't have talent. But they did lack focus.

I on the other hand have plenty of focus. It's the talent I always question. *grin*


Puppy's coming Friday night. Yes, there will be pictures. They'll be up by Saturday.


Oh, and if you leave a comment, don't fret if it doesn't appear right away. I used to be able to check my blog from work, but my company no longer allows me to update from work. I'll post and answer comments when I get home every night.