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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dodged a Bullet

Gustav missed New Orleans by 85 miles. Instead, Baton Rouge is getting the brunt of the storm. It also looks like northeast Texas will catch the remnants of the storm.

Meanwhile Hanna looks like it might cause trouble for Florida. Poor Florida always gets blasted. Right now it's projected to hit the Bahamas and then veer straight up the eastern coast.

We're a little more concerned about some tropical depressions and a wave coming out of Africa. There's one in particular that looks very tight and organized for being so young. But it's got a long way to travel and the waters are cooling down. The Gulf is hovering around 85 degrees. If we can cool off a little more before it reaches the Caribbean, it might dissipate before it becomes trouble.

Never a dull moment on this side of the continent.

Emergency personnel were on top of everything this go round and security was tight. I'm glad we were well prepared this time, and happier they weren't needed as much.