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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sleep? You get sleep?

We've been packing and storing for four days straight, breaking only long enough to eat. We had movers scheduled but since our plans changed in midstream we couldn't get them to change the pick up time on short notice.

The house is now 3/4 empty. We're taking a quick trip to SE Texas to drop off a trailer load of chemicals, paint and the grill. The storage unit won't store those things, so we have to take them elsewhere.

We close on my house tomorrow. They are giving us until Friday to move everything out.

On a positive note, this reminds me how tough we are when necessary. Who says two old people can't move a huge glass china cabinet by themselves? It made the trip without a scratch or broken glass. I hope the movers are as careful. That thing is HEAVY!

Okay, off for a 300 mile jaunt. Be back tomorrow.

This link came in my mail today. Evidently, I still have my sense of humor.


terrio said...


So sorry to hear about all this crazy mess. I moved in less than two weeks, but I only had to pack up a small apartment and tons of stuff went either in the dumpster or to the charity store. Can't imagine doing all your doing and still not knowing for sure when life will return to some semblence of normal.

Glad that angel is helping you out with a place to stay and know I'm sending out prayers and home buying vibes that it all works out ASAP!

Maria Zannini said...

Thanks, Terrio. Today we closed on the house we're selling. Tomorrow I become a refugee. *g*

The house we're buying is still in limbo. One hurdle at a time, I guess.