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Friday, November 7, 2008

...and she's back!

I've been reconnected with the outside world!
During my excommunication I discovered a couple of things.

#1. I didn't hate being offline as much as I thought I would. I guess it's because I was so busy with other things---like catching scorpions!

#2. I did miss having instant information---like: Are scorpion stings fatal? LOL!

Fortunately, the scorpions indigenious to this area are not life threatening. Their sting is about as painful as a bee sting, but not toxic.
I have missed catching up on people's blogs. Unfortunately, there were so many posts, (my reader stopped counting at 1000) I had to delete most of them.

The house and recuperating from my knee injury are taking up most of my time. I am okay as long as I don't sit, walk, or lay down for more than a few minutes at a time. *g* It stiffens up something awful when I'm resting, and hurts the rest of the time if I move too much.

Nonetheless, I am in good spirits. For the first time in months things are moving forward.

Given that I am still settling in, we might not get back to regular programming until later in the month, but I'll be blogging and visiting other blogs more regularly now.


I will post pictures of this neat house in a month or so after I've painted a couple of rooms.
I will take the time to thank Greg publicly for forcing me to "see" this house.
The listing came out the day after my eye surgery. It had hardly any description and the picture was dark and muddy. Still, he insisted we see this house. He said there was something about it that told him this was the one.

Sure enough, as we walked from room to room even I could tell it had good vibes. (Which at the time was all I had to rely on.) Now that I can see it clearly, I can't believe our good fortune and the tenacity of a hard-headed husband who wasn't going to let me talk him out of seeing this house.

And God bless our realtor, Linda Rudd for not only showing it to us, but guiding us through a tangle of red tape that made our negotiation even harder. She was on top of things the entire time. We love her and we recommend her highly. She is the best!
More later, guys. Lots and lots of email to answer. Remember to contact me at (mariazannini) at gmail dot com. The other email addy is no longer valid.

Talk to you soon!


Marianne Arkins said...

YAY! Welcome back :-)

In your honor, I just had to give you an award at my blog.

Happy scorpion hunting... now I remember one good thing about living in the frozen north.

Maria Zannini said...

Wow! Two in a row. I had no idea people liked what I wrote.

Thank you, Marianne! (we dog lovers have to stick together.) LOL!

As soon as I get settled I'll start giving some awards of my own.

I am honored.

Heather B. Moore said...

Your house sounds so great--can't wait to see pictures. And scorpions? Ughh!

Maria Zannini said...

I'll post pictures soon.

Glad to say, I haven't seen another scorpion in the house in several days. I am hoping they came in when we were moving boxes from the garage to the house.

We had all the doors open. They must have thought it was an invitation.

They were wrong.