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Friday, December 19, 2008

I-Needa-Name Contest

Today I have a contest. But you'll have to work for the prize. LOL.

I have many NEW books to give away. And I am giving them away--for a price.

Cue danger music: Ta…Ta…Tum

Some of you may remember that I've talked about starting a new series next year on saving money and overall frugal living, but I have yet to decide on a cool name for it.

Names I've considered:

Frugal Fiend
Thrifty Thursday (which will only work if I do this on Thursdays.)
Cheapskate Central

Those are okay, but I am open to suggestions. Send me YOUR idea for a great name for my new blog series on saving money and the one I like best will win one bodacious boxful of books. International readers, I will ship overseas, but it will come by a three-legged tortoise so if you win, it might take a while to reach you.

Deadline is 1-9-09

Here are the rules:

• Enter as many times as you wish.
• Post a comment with your title idea on any blog post from today until 1-9-09. Be sure to label in caps: ENTRY.
• If there are duplicate winning names, the person who entered it first gets the prize.
• I am the sole judge, so your entry must appeal to my weird sense of humor.

The Prize: A 5-pack of assorted romance, paranormal and crime novels to one single winner.

And here's a bonus prize.

If you are a regular reader of my blog and you send a NEW PERSON over here to enter this contest, tell him to give you credit by adding: Sent by (your name)

If his entry wins, the person who sent him over here also gets a prize.

Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Tell anyone who likes to save money to enter this contest for a chance to win bunches of books.

I will announce the winner on 1-10-09.

Enter early and often. Operators are standing by.


Marianne Arkins said...

Oooh... cool. I'll just link my Tightwad Tuesday to your blog! HA!



Totally Tightwad

Cheap and Chipper

Luxury for Less

Fun Frugality

Miserly Maria

Super Saver


Okay, I'll think more. I like alliteration, can you tell?

Maria Zannini said...

Ref: I'll just link my Tightwad Tuesday to your blog!

Absolutely! I was going to email you to let you know I was planning on sending people your way.

Thanks, Marianne!

Tyava said...


1 - Two-cents from a Tightwad

2 - Urban Peasant

3 - Distance from your Dollar

4 - Penny-Pinching Plans

5 - Miserly Mentor

6 - Tightwad Tutor

7 - Stingy Solutions

Good luck with the hunt! :)

Dru said...


1. Low-Priced Tips
2. Economical Savings
3. Low-Cost Living
4. Bargain Busters
5. Dollars For Less
6. Discounts For The Living

rcloenen-ruiz said...

I love your idea. Alas, I've only got one name that comes to mind at the moment. I might think up some more a little later. In the meantime, here's my first


Frugaliciously Yours

rcloenen-ruiz said...

Been thinking about this:


Lifestyles of the Frugal
Economic Maria (I sounds a bit like Atomic Betty. lol)
More for Less