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Monday, December 1, 2008


Today we have one market and some agent news.

There's so few markets that will take SF poetry. Here's one you can try.

Official journal of the Science Fiction Poetry Association.
Query: SFPASL at aol dot com
Marge Simon, Editor
1412 NE 35th
St.Ocala, FL


The Lyons Literary Agency has a new address as of today. This agency handles true crime, mysteries, thrillers, and literary fiction. Although this address has been posted on the web, be aware that they only accept queries online.

Lyons Literary LLC
27 West 20th Street,
Suite 1003
New York, NY


Jenny Rappaport, formerly with L. Perkins has opened her own office.

From her website:

Only email queries are currently accepted. Please send your email to Be sure to include the world 'Query' in the subject line, and your contact information in the body of the e-mail.

Jenny primarily represents science fiction and fantasy, horror, young adult fiction, and romance, along with a few select nonfiction titles. In science fiction and fantasy, her tastes are very broad, but be careful for cliches. There's so much wonderful material out there to explore that every fantasy novel doesn't need the stereotypical elf, dwarf, and farmboy-turned-world savior, all of whom start their adventure in a bar with tavern wenches. Regarding horror, she prefers the darker, psychological side of things, and she very firmly does not like splatterpunk.

She represents all types of young adult fiction, but her favorites are the ones that fall into the SFF or horror genres. Regarding romance, she is only looking for historical romances and paranormals (contemporary or historical). She also handles a bit of women's fiction, and is always a sucker for a very good historical novel. Literary fiction is difficult to place with us.