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Sunday, December 14, 2008

News You Can Use

Dear Author is beginning a terrific series on how to open ebooks into the various machines that are currently on the market. The biggest drawback to ebooks is that many manufacturers narrow its e-reader to select formats.

Some of you might be old enough to remember the Betamax vs VHS wars when video cassette recorders first hit the store shelves back in 1975. For a history lesson, go here.

Thank you, Dear Author, for one of the most helpful posts I've come across. The more we educate, the better our choices.

By the way, I am a faithful reader of Dear Author and I can tell you it is one blog I never miss. They always have interesting content intermixed with reviews, interviews and publishing news.

Recently, I'd been given that very nice "I love your blog" award by three different people. (Diane Craver, Sandra Ulbrich, and Marianne Arkins) I'd like to pass that on to Dear Author for all their dedicated work on behalf of our crazy business.

I love your blog, Dear Author.