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Sunday, January 11, 2009

And The Winner Is...

Boy, this was hard!

I had a couple of favorites right from the start, but when I Googled them, the names had already been taken by others.

First I asked Greg for his input, and he liked different ones than I did. (Figures!) So we kept narrowing it down until we got to our two favorite entries and tossed a coin.

The new series will be called: More For Less

Rochita came up with this one. And two of her other entries made the finals too. Rochita, email me your physical address and I will snail mail your prize along with a little memento of Texas.

Tyava, you came in a close second. If you'll email me your physical address, I'll send you a runner-up prize.

You can email me at writingweb AT argontech Dot net

Thanks to everyone who entered. I have a very good feeling this series is going to get big. It might even warrant its own blog someday. Saving money and living simply is a big part of my life and it's the one thing I can say without reservation that I do well. I'm looking forward to sharing my tips and strategies.

I think for now I will do More For Less on Wednesdays. I might move it to another day later on, but we'll start with Wednesdays for now.