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Friday, January 2, 2009

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I've been browsing the blogosphere this week and everyone is discussing their resolutions. As a rule I don't make resolutions because I consistently make goals throughout the year. As one benchmark is reached I add another--or raise the bar.

This year I've narrowed my focus to things that deeply interest me. Aside from writing, I want to discuss saving money, animal husbandry, and growing food crops.

I've also decided to expand my education in the realms of magic and the supernatural. No, I'm not going New Age on you. It's hard to beat the Catholic out of me. LOL! But I love the mystery and lore of magic, witchcraft and the supernatural.

I've used bits and pieces of these elements in TOUCH OF FIRE. It was so much fun to do the research, I want to continue in this genre. It gives me a chance to use some of my personal experience with the supernatural too.

Since the paranormal is such a vast subject, I might narrow my ghost research to Irish/English ghost stories. I adore them! But myths and legends will probably span the globe. Who knows? I might make up a few legends of my own.

So what will you see on this blog in 2009?

• Marketing and promotional information
• Markets and contests of interest
• Paranormal subjects
• Living frugally with style
• and Dogs, of course

Put me on your Reader, RSS feed, or your blogroll. I promise some pretty interesting posts this year.


I-Needa-Name-Contest is still going on. Go here for more details. There have been some terrific ideas, but my mind's not made up yet. This contest continues to January 9th and a winner will be chosen on January 10th.

I love some of the entries that have come in already, I might just give a runner up prize too. Also, the grand prize winner will get a bonus with something from my home state of Texas.

So keep entering. We run until the fat lady sings!